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MealLogger Set Up and User Guide

Log your meals for accountability and feedback

The MealLogger app is the easiest tool out there for meal logging, and it's pure gold for accountability and feedback.

All you do is snap pictures of your meals and you'll receive personalized feedback from our nutrition experts.

User Guide: How to Log a Meal

Set Up Guide:

Step 1. Go to your email. Locate the email with your invitation from MealLogger. Click on the first link.

Tip: If you can't find the email, try searching for "meallogger" in your email search bar.

Step 2. Click "Sign Up".

Step 3. Fill in your name and create a password to sign up for a MealLogger account.

Step 4. Accept the invitation to connect with your RENEW Coach.

Step 5. You'll be prompted to download the app from the Google play store (Android users) or the App Store (Apple users) to your phone.

Step 6. Sign in with your credentials (from step 3) and you're in! The app will automatically walk you through how to use it.

Now you're connected to your RENEW Coach. You can start logging meals for feedback.

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