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Meal Planning Toolkit

Download the attached PDF at the bottom of this document for easy printing!

Week of: ______________

Nutrition goals: __________________________

Action steps: ____________________________

Circle your meal prep style:

Weekly Prep Twice Weekly Prep Daily Prep

*See our Guide to Meal Prepping resource for details on the meal prep styles.

Weekly overview

Block out times that are unavailable for you to prepare meals this week

Meal planning

In the box below, jot down a few of you and your family’s favorite meals – shoot for at least 5 different meals. You don't have to make them all this week, but it's helpful to have an "inventory" of meals you like. Also write down any new recipes you’d like to try.

Use the Weekly Meal Planner to map out your meals for the week.

Use the Weekly Dinner Planner to practice creating balanced dinners. Start with this resource if you're new to meal planning and want to start with 1 meal.

A grocery list is essential to saving time shopping. Use this Grocery Planner to jot down the ingredients you need to buy for the week.

Meal Planning Toolkit
Download PDF • 404KB

Print out this toolkit to practice your meal planning skills

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