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RENEW a la Carte is a new health and wellness coaching opportunity designed specifically for busy Sarasota Memorial Hospital employees who are short on time but ready to improve their health, physical fitness, or resilience to stress.

Please note: This program is currently only offered to SMH employees, with plans to expand to the Sarasota community in the future.

Program Includes
  • Three 30-minute virtual coaching sessions on one coaching category (see options below)

  • Learning tools & resources

  • Accountability & encouragement

Coaching Categories
  • General nutrition: Learn how to choose the right foods to prevent or improve a health condition.

  • Mindful & intuitive eating: Learn how to improve your relationship with food through mindful and intuitive eating.

  • Beginner: Learn the basics of exercise, including how to develop an exercise plan. 

  • Intermediate/Advanced: Reignite your motivation to exercise and/or learn how to overcome plateaus.

  • Learn how to manage stress, develop resilience, and improve sleep quality with meditation and mindfulness techniques.



"The RENEW A LA Carte Program is exactly what I needed to get back into a routine. The program is convenient and scheduling was conducive to my work schedule. Kara was amazing and gave me the tools and motivation that I had been lacking. I would definitely recommend it to anyone."

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