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RENEW Wellness Wheel

Explore the various dimensions of health

The Wellness Wheel is a model illustrating the various dimensions of health that contribute to a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

We can use the Wellness Wheel as a tool to identify the areas of our lives that need the most attention and make conscious choices to reach our full potential.

Our wellness journeys are ever evolving, so come back to this wheel as often as needed.

Wellness Wheel Activity

Read the explanations above of each dimension of wellness, considering how each corresponds with your life at this present moment. Then, rank your level of satisfaction with each dimension out of 10.

  • 1 means you are struggling and feel unfulfilled in that area.

  • 10 means you’re satisfied with that area and don’t think it needs much improvement.

NUTRITION: ______ / 10


REST: ______ / 10

MINDFULNESS: ______ / 10


ENVIRONMENT: ______ / 10

FINANCE: ______ / 10

PERSONAL GROWTH: ______ / 10

Once you’re done, you should see which areas need the most improvement and which ones you feel satisfied with.

Consider the questions below:

It’s easy to feel like we need to address everything at once, but that can be overwhelming and hinder growth. Which areas do you want to focus on improving right now? Pick 1-3.

When you envision fulfillment in these areas, what do you picture?

Journaling your thoughts will guide you as you consider your short term and long term goals.

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