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Adding Movement Into Everyday Life

How to burn more calories in a day with N.E.A.T.

What is N.E.AT Movement?

“Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (N.E.A.T) is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or formal exercise or sports-like exercise.” (Levine J. A. (2002).  p. 679) 

The types of movement included in N.E.A.T. Movement are walking from the parking lot to work typing, doing yard work or housework, or doing day-to-day tasks and fidgeting.  

Many of us may lack enough N.E.A.T. movement in our day due to reasons like commuting, sitting at desks, time spend doing school work, eating dinner, and watching TV.

Why Is It Important? 

It has been found that people who move more throughout their day are more likely to reach or maintain their weight and overall health goals, compared to those who are sedentary or only move during one exercise session a day.   

N.E.A.T movement can help increase metabolic rate, resulting in more calories burned and energy used.   

“Researcher James Levine, M.D., who has published several journal articles on the positive effects of N.E.A.T., found that adopting N.E.A.T. behaviors can increase daily caloric expenditure by as much as 350 calories per day.“ (Kovar, E. (2014). ACE)  

Adopting N.E.A.T. habits and behaviors into our day can be beneficial for everyone, but can be particularly beneficial for those who have injuries that might be preventing more intense workouts and people who have a more sedentary lifestyle.   


How can I add in N.E.A.T Movement?  


  • Take the stairs.   

  • Stand more than sit.   

  • Playing with kids or animals.   

  • Completing yard work or housework.  

  • Grocery shopping.  

  • Walking the dog.  

  • Change your mode of transportation – walk, bike places if possible.   

  • Cleaning.   

  • Complete movement, walking, or step challenges.   

  • Do walking meetings.   

Learn more about N.E.A.T. in this video:



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